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oath of allegiance, quality of life, date of birth, name of the qualification, work of art, certification of supplement, form of study, wisdom of practice, benefit of mankind, acquisition of knowledge, zone of proximal development, determinants of health, hope of success, sensitive to the needs of others, length of the thesis, main field of study within the qualification, pursuit of potentialities, apraxia of speech, loss of immutable cosmos, official length of programme, households of individuals, science of parenting, locus of control, aesthetics of consume, triangular theory of love, theory of triarchic ontelligence, perception of health, conservation of memory, sense of self, reduction of tension, art of living, creativity and novelty of the outcomes, law of effect, influence of family, sense of coherence, diffusion of responsibility, evaluation of social services, clarity of self - concept, sense of underestimations, principle of cost effectiveness, theory of multidimensionale intelligence, sense of community, sense of solidarity, stock of knowledge at hand, terms of trade, sense of belonging, sense of responsibility, sense of competence


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